March 29, 2007

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September 13, 2005

Hope through Katrina
In the last couple of weeks, so many of us have seen the devastation and despair caused by hurricane Katrina. No doubt the people most affected were those living in poverty or below the standards of poverty. The sad truth is, there are millions of Americans who are in the same predicament everyday. What Katrina did was magnify the ugly truths of poverty that exist in many times, right next door to us. Why are there seniors in this country who are forced to choose between food to eat or medication to keep them alive, while pharmaceutical companies are making record profits? In the most powerful nation in the world, with a predominant population that claims to be Christian, why has poverty become so irrelevant to the ones who can actually help ease the burden?My highest hope through this Katrina experience is that we all have an awakening to the Truth of Loving one another.

December 19, 2003

It seems lately that God has been dealing with me about the topic of love. Now I’m not talking about the warm, fuzzy kind of feelings that flutter on your heart when you’re around people that you’re fond of. No, I’m talking about the deep, mysterious, unconditional love that existed since the creation of the world, the love that alone can fill every void in our being, the kind of love that gives purpose to our existence.
I used to think that love was a one-dimensional concept, but as I get further along into my walk with God, I’m beginning to understand that there are so many layers to uncover about love. In my early days as a Christian, I learned to love people the way I thought God loved me, but my understanding of God’s love for me was limited; therefore, the love that I was able to show was limited. First, I had to learn to love myself and be alright with the way I was created. After reconciling myself to my own self worth, I then had to learn to love others with an unselfish kind of love. God was calling and teaching me to extend myself to loving people who were different than me, to love them even when I didn’t feel very lovable or when things weren’t going right in my life. I had to practice being more aware of others’ needs no matter what I was personally going through.
Anyway, I was getting pretty good at loving people, but I also discovered very quickly that it is much easier to love those who are good to us than those who are not so kind to us or downright unloving to us. Thus the more intimate time that I was spending with God, the more I felt challenged to dive into this deeper layer of perfect love. I struggled with walking into this arena because deep down I knew that this meant giving up my pride and dignity to the hands of those hurting me. It didn’t make sense to me, but God assured me this challenge was for my good. After much kicking and screaming to God about this matter, I finally surrendered to accepting the challenge. On my willingness to learn this lesson, God began to teach me how to love my enemies by the examples of Jesus’ life.
You know, just like it was in school… the only way to prove that we’ve learned something is to be tested on that subject. Needless to say, I was severely tested on my newly found revelation. It was only through the practical experience of doing what I had learned did I discover that only walking in this deepness of love will make way for God to work in my life and other people’s lives. The point is, we cannot have perfect love for one another unless we experience God’s perfect love for us. Oh yea, and about my reluctance to the notion of having to give up my pride and dignity to the hands of my enemies, that’s not what happened at all. See, part of the agreement that God made with me was that if I humble myself (set my feelings and agenda aside) and practice only this kind of love, then God would take care of the rest. In doing so, God prepared a feast for me in the presence of my enemies, and He also allowed me to witness the miracle of His kind of love melting away hearts of stone; to God be all the praise and glory!

July 28, 2003

I was rummaging through some old paperwork while I was organizing the files the other day, and I ran across our incorporation paperwork for H.A.N. Ministries. I noticed that we were only a month away from celebrating the 2nd anniversary of this ministry. Ceil and I were reminiscing earlier this evening about where we were exactly two years ago today and we realized how drastically our lives have changed since.Through the desperation of our utter emptiness and finally realizing that we needed God's help in our lives, we were both in a place of allowing God to restore our relationship back to Him. In this restoration process, God reminded us of the calling that the Holy Spirit had revealed to us several years back; the calling to ministry. God also showed us that God had allowed some of the not-so-pretty events to happen in our lives because of our disobedience to the Call of God on our lives. We didn't realize then that this calling was the whole purpose in which we were created. The awesome news is that rather than God making us feel shameful for our past mistakes, failures and regrets, God instead chose to fill us with Divine grace, love and mercy. God also reminded us that we can receive forgiveness through Jesus and be restored to the person who was created in the image of Christ.This time, we began to listen more carefully to the small, still voice of God in our hearts, and sure enough, God always followed through with some sort of confirmation for us to know His voice without a doubt. This time, we stepped out in faith because we had nothing to lose. This time, we had to make a move, but where do we go? What do we do? How do we even begin?Two years ago at this exact time, H.A.N. Ministries was only a vision, a promise that God had shared with us. We actually didn't even have the name H.A.N. Ministries. How things have changed in two years! It's amazing the miracles that happen in our lives when we finally stop the struggle within ourselves and allow God to take us into the flow of the Holy Spirit. Buckle up, friends, because it's a magnificent ride full of suspense, mystery, excitement, and the miraculous!Han and Ceil