June 13, 2007

God, Gays, and the Sanctity of Marriage

Husbands, love your wives. Wives, respect your husbands because of the position God has ordained for him, not whether you think he deserves it or not. Now turn your bibles to Ephesians 5:21-33 to see what "God" (Paul, actually - not God) has to say about keeping your marriage blessed. - This is a paraphrased excerpt of a six-week series taught by Pastor Lee in the mainstream Evangelical church we infiltrated and investigated as CL and Cammy Morrison.

Ironically, on the Sunday the Pastor began the marriage series, we witnessed on our way to church, a display of "the sanctity of marriage" the Conservatives so righteously fight for. About five blocks away from the church, I noticed a Latino man roughing up a woman. There was also a young girl with them; she looked between 5 or 6 years old. I immediately told Ceil and we pulled into the parking lot where this abuse was taking place. Remember, we were in our characters, so CL, in a deep voice hollered, "Hey!" at the guy as we pulled up beside them. I picked up our cell phone and asked if I needed to call the police. He froze and looked at us, then made it obvious to us that he didn't speak English. Cammy asked the woman, "Is he hurting you? You need help?" She replied in broken English, "No, no; he's my husband", and proceeded to turn and start walking. The little girl, wide-eyed with fright, soon followed beside her mother. The man ceased roughing up his wife and walked slightly behind them. We continued to watch for her safety, and especially the little girl's, until they were out of sight.

I couldn't help but wonder if our characters' appearances that day, as male and female, didn't help a little in this particular situation. Ceil and I, as two females, would have confronted the situation all the same, but I would venture to guess that had it been the case, the abusive man would have reacted differently toward two women than he did with CL and Cammy.

The Pastor prefaced his marriage teachings with his explanation of Adam and Eve. He taught that God is both male and female. In the beginning, God created Adam both male and female as well. Then God wanted to bless Adam with a "help-mate", so God took the female characteristics out of Adam and made Eve. God intended for the man and woman, together through marriage, to be a manifestation of both the female and male attributes of God.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but most lesbian, gay, and transgendered people we know are keenly aware of both the female and male attributes we were created with. In fact, most of us celebrate that gift of versatility and diversity.

So according to this Evangelical Pastor's teachings about male and female and Adam and Eve, the impending question is... are homosexuals and transgendered people created more like God than heterosexuals?

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