April 23, 2007

Finally, Out of the Closet...Again!

For the last three years, there have been many questions and much speculation about what happened to us and our ministry. The last that most people knew was that we left our home community church, MCC Austin, to begin our ministry of reconcilliation with a mainstream, Pentecostal church, Christian Life Church (CLC), and then we disappeared. Many from our community deserted us; rumor even has it that there were some who feared that we had "back-slid" and left our faith. The truth is, we undertook an experimental project that required us to willingly go back into the closet.

The project was actually developed over a three-year period, involving two different Evangelical churches, one labelled Pentecostal and the other Non-denominational. An independent documentary film title Faith of the Abomination will help tell our story and show our documented experiences in the Evangelical Organization, and from both the perspectives of a lesbian couple, Ceil and Han, and of a heterosexual couple, CL and Cammy. The results of this experiment will astound you.

For further details about the documentary film, please visit www.FaithoftheAbomination.com.